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Craftsmanship and know-how are the heart of our approach to creation and production in the service of the product.


Jurassic know-how


The first French glasses were born in the Jura in Morez. Since 1796, aunique French eyewear know-how formed in the region.

In addition, a heritage of horn factories intended for the manufacture of combs and pipes, the workshops of the region have unequaled knowledge of working with acetate.

This association of know-how convinced us to base our workshop in Oyonnax for an entirely French production.  



82 steps. The manufacture of a pair of glasses requires multiple steps, all carried out in Oyonnax.

Each step is artisanal and has been specially thought out during the design of the frame to achieve a precise result.

Barrel polishing, hand setting of rivets... are all elements that guarantee the quality of our frames.

High-end bio-materials


To make our frames we only use the reference M49 from Mazzuccheli,
the only high-end bioacetate on the market.


Created in 1849, Mazzucchelli is one of the last houses to manufacture its acetate in Italy. The know-how of its craftsmen makes Mazzucchelli acetate the reference in terms of quality, shine, solidity and lightness.

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Cuir de couture

Finish and durability


Our frames are built to last.

Attention to detail allows us to offer you products ready to face anything and repairable. The materials we use allow us to offer you a repair of each part.



Like any handcrafted product, each Tardy frame is unique.

To go even further, we offer customization services so that your pair is forever attached to a unique moment.



Cases made entirely in Paris region.

The cutting of our felt is made in the center of Paris and the sewing with Mode Estime, an integration workshop using textile creation for the purpose of promoting people and professional integration.

The labels come from Pantin and our press studs from Darrigol & Gagnez rue du Temple.  


Discover Tardy's history and  values

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