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Tardy is a family story marked by French know-how and love for the product.


The story of a transmission, from a grandmother to her grandson.

In the mid-1960s, Liliane Marengo joined the Parisian warehouse for Tardy glasses on rue Pastourelle. Passionate about the house and eyewear creation, she stayed there for 35 years.

From the 1980s, the French eyewear industry was gradually challenged by low-cost Asian factories offering frames that were often half the price. Refusing to relocate its production, the Tardy house closed its doors in the 90s.
Liliane retires reluctantly, keeps part of the stock and remembers hundreds of anecdotes.


Very close to Liliane, her grandson Bruno is rocked by her optical stories. In 2019 he decided to relaunch Tardy in order to offer models inspired by his grandmother and her universe.


He was quickly joined by Xavier who brought his know-how and eyewear technicality to create durable and timeless frames.

Made in France

From the relaunch, the desire to manufacture frames in France was inalienable to guarantee product excellence and perpetuate know-how. 

The meeting with the workshop that today manufactures Tardy glasses was made with this in mind. To promote French know-how as much as possible by exploring the opportunities offered by the territories where we operate.

Tardy designs, manufactures, repairs in France.
Only the raw material comes from Italy from Mazzucchelli for the bio acetate and scraps of Milanese fabrics for the felt of the cases.  

Local and ecological

To the traditional know-how, we have decided to add what makes us up.

Tardy glasses are made in the Jura in a unique workshop. They then arrive at our premises in Pantin where they are adjusted and personalized before being distributed. Our workshop is the only one of its kind in the 93. 

Ecology is at the heart of our concerns, the choice of bio-acetate from 2019 has become essential. We work with producers of raw materials to move towards even more ecological materials and our scrap materials are fully recycled. 

All of our suppliers are French: Perpignan for microfibers, Paris region for cases, Oyonnax for glasses. 

Have a look


Find your Tardy pair at our network of opticians. 

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